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About Us
The Ultimus Pool is a brand new full featured mining pool solution designed to provide easy to use, reliable, profitable, and compliant services for global professional miners.
Ultimus pool empowers miners with industry leading functionalities including user created external wallets, sub account and main account structures, flexible pool fee adjustments and energy audit-based incentives for green miners. Our team consists of seasoned professionals committed to providing best in class services for decentralized networks.
As part of the commitment to revolutionizing the pool industry, UltimusPool is partnered with CCA and the Energy Web Blockchain and pushing for a new renewable standard for other mining pools to follow around the world.
We are also a key strategic business partner of the Binance Pool and by leveraging our partnerships, Ultimus Pool aims to democratize mining by making mining accessible to everyone and providing users with a seamless mining experience.
Easy, Safe and Effective
Ultimus makes it easy to sign up and start hashing immediately with a simple signup process and easy to use accounting and management tools.
Consistent High Earnings
Ultimus utilizes the popular FPPS model for maximum user earnings and supports daily payouts. Ultimus works with top institutional players to guarantee and safeguard user assets and ensure consistent payouts.
Comprehensive Incentives
Ultimus is designed with the greater good in mind, and offers comprehensive incentives for miners using renewable energy and those who want to lower their carbon footprint. Plus, VIP rates are available starting at >5 PH.
Go Green
UltimusPool believes in a green Bitcoin future. Ultimus is offering pool fee reductions and other incentives for miners that are utilizing renewable energy sources.